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Supporting underrepresented students in IT

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  1. 1Building community
  2. 2Creating career opportunities
  3. 3Making mentoring connections
  4. 4Connecting alumni

There is a huge lack of diversity and representation in the IT industry.

Despite there being a vast amount of research that praises the benefits of having a diverse workforce - more efficient, and creative teams, not to mention having a diverse team means better representing most audiences as well, we still have an outrageous gender imbalance, people who still feeling marginalised in the industry and a stereotype of that somebody in tech is one type of person.

We want those things to change.

diversIT aims to make an impact on underrepresented students within IT, by connecting them with industry, faculty and each other.

Aims and Objectives

Younger students

  • Introduce students to role models who are relatable and approachable
  • Demystify tech as a potential career option
  • Emphasise importance of critical thinking - in an area like IT

University students

  • Provide access to resources
  • Establish connections with industry and faculty
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Explore own desires, strengths and weaknesses


  • Establish connection with the students - in a friendly and approachable manner
  • Open a new avenue for accessing talented students
  • Contribute to diverse students who need support


  • Direct avenue to supporting students in need
  • Access to student wants and needs
  • Introduce the potential future IT pioneers of Australia


  • Making a meaningful contribution by supporting students who have never had support before
  • Establish connections with industry and faculty
  • Develop leadership skills, confidence and experience

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